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"I suffered all kinds of injuries after being in a major car accident. Luckily, they were all temporary in nature, but quite severe. My family members all work full-time so we hired a caregiver to help me get going each day. It made things so much easier on my family to have that extra help, and I know I recovered more quickly because of your services. A big thank you to Philadelphia Caregivers!"

Janice w.

"When my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, we knew that we would need someone to be with her at all times. Although my extended family is tight knit and we each took turns, it soon became clear that what my grandma needed was more regularity in her schedule. Philadelphia Caregivers made that possible, and I'm happy to report that my grandma is more stable because of it."

Roger K.

"My son is mentally and physically disabled, and a family counselor suggested that my husband and I needed to take a vacation on our own at least once a year to keep our marriage strong. But how could we leave our son alone? She recommended Philadelphia Caregivers, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that our son was quite happy to have the companionship of someone less boring than good ol' mom and dad. We now use your services regularly to provide him with that extra social interaction -- and it takes some of the responsibility for his care off of our shoulders. We're so grateful."

Peter and Wendy C.